Summer Internship Funding

Summer Internship Funding

With the generous support of the Office of the Provost, Career and Professional Development (CPD) is excited to offer grant awards for students pursuing unpaid or underpaid internships beginning in the summer of 2018. The maximum award amount is $2,500.

Two deadlines are given to accommodate students who receive offers later in the spring term.

Application will be available March 2018

Priority deadline: Tuesday, April 3, 2018
Second deadline: Tuesday, April 24, 2018

If demand exceeds available funds, priority will be given based on class year (i.e., juniors would have priority, then sophomores, then first years)

  • Eligibility Guidelines
    • Students are eligible to receive one internship grant award during their LMU career.
    • First years, sophomores and juniors are eligible to apply.
    • Minimum of 240 hours must be spent in the internship spanning at least 8 weeks.
    • Students who choose to register for internship credit must follow guidelines and deadlines set by the University Registrar and CPD.
    • Students are not allowed to conduct internships in countries with active State Department Travel Warnings. To petition an exception, students must email Career and Professional Development at least two weeks prior to the priority deadline to receive special approval to complete an internship in a country with a travel warning.
    • Students completing internships or research on-campus or where the employer would be Loyola Marymount University are not eligible for funding, and should inquire with Student Employment Services about student work.
  • Application Process
    • Secure an internship (must meet the criteria described above). Students are encouraged to schedule coaching sessions with CPD well before the deadline to increase the likelihood of securing an internship.
    • Request a confirmation letter or email from your internship site with the following information: addressed to the intern and includes the site supervisor’s name and title; brief description of the intern’s role/responsibilities (bullet points are sufficient); confirmation of the expected time commitment, including start and end dates; must appear on the employer’s letterhead or sent directly from the site supervisor’s work email.
    • Complete a Budget Worksheet that shows how the Internship Grant will be used (e.g. housing, food, travel, etc.), along with other sources of funding available.
    • Complete the Summer Internship Funding Grant Application
    • Complete the Written Statement
    • Complete the Memorandum of Understanding, Liability Form, W-9 (domestic students only), and direct deposit forms (unless you would prefer to receive a check for any funding you may be awarded).
    • Deliver Application Packet to Career and Professional Development by 4:30 p.m. on the due date.
    • Await Notification from CPD. Within two weeks of the application deadline, you will be notified via email whether you received funding, and if so, the amount. Those that are awarded funding and have submitted a complete application will receive the award via check or direct deposit approximately four weeks after the application deadline.
    • Attend one of the required Internship Orientation Sessions (dates and times will be emailed to grant recipients).
  • Required Application Materials

    Submit online Summer Internship Funding Grant Application by  Tuesday, April 3, 2018 at 11:59pm (Priority Deadline) or Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at 11:59pm (Second deadline).

    Deliver Application Packet to Career and Professional Development by 4:30pm on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 (Priority Deadline) or Tuesday, April 24, 2018 (Second deadline). Application packet must include hard copies of the following:

    1. Job Offer or Confirmation Letter/Email from your internship site with the following information:
      • addressed to the intern and including the site supervisor’s name and title;
      • a brief description of the intern’s role/responsibilities (bullet points are sufficient);
      • confirmation of the time commitment, including start and end dates;
      • must appear on the employer’s letterhead or sent directly from the site supervisor’s work email
    2. Budget Worksheet
    3. Written Statement
    4. Memorandum of Understanding
    5. Liability Form
    6. W-9 (domestic students only)
    7. Direct Deposit (option) can be set-up via the . For more information visit .

    *Students who are currently abroad have the option to email electronic copies to

  • Terms of Agreement

    All grant award recipients are expected to do the following:

    • Attend one of two orientation sessions.
    • Complete the minimum hour requirement for internships. Recipients who do not complete the internship as described in their application will be required to pay back the full award amount.
    • Complete a post-internship survey that will be used by CPD to cultivate deeper relationships with employers that provide positive experiences for LMU students.
    • Give permission for your internship site, title, location and dates to be included in a searchable LMU Internship Database, helping to expand opportunities for more students.
    • Participate in a reflection session with other grant recipients upon return to campus.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    To help you prepare for your application, visit the FAQs page to find answers to the most frequently asked questions.


    What is required to submit an application?

    An application will be considered completed when both the online and hardcopy with signatures are submitted. The application packet must include the Internship Site Confirmation Letter or Email, Grant Award Budget Worksheet, Written Statement Form, W-9, Direct Deposit Form and Resume.

    Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered, so you are encouraged to secure your internship and request the confirmation letter or email well before the deadline.

    Can I apply if I have not secured an internship and a confirmation letter or email by the application deadline?

    No, unfortunately we are not able to accept incomplete applications. You are encouraged to begin your internship search as early as possible and to request the confirmation letter or email at least a week or two before it is needed.

    Am I eligible to receive the Internship Grant Award every year?

    No.  A student is only eligible to receive the award once during their academic career.


    If I receive an award, how much funding can I expect?

    The maximum award is $2,500, but depending on the number of qualified applicants, it is likely that students will receive a percentage of their request.

    Can I apply for an internship grant award to support a fall or spring semester internship?

    At this time we are only able to offer funding for summer internships due to the available funding.

    When will I be notified if I am chosen for the award?

    You will be notified approximately two weeks after the deadline.


    Is CPD available to help me find an internship?

    Yes, if you are seeking possible internship opportunities visit the CPD office and work with a Peer Advisor to learn strategies for your search. You may also login to Handshake to schedule an appointment with a coach.

    Can I combine work at multiple sites?

    Yes. Most recipients intern at one site, sometimes two, although in special circumstances it might make sense to combine more than two experiences. For example, a student could have a more traditional primary internship experience, but also include a part-time volunteer role or incorporate rotational shadowing as a secondary experience.

    Please include a confirmation letter or email from each site for the two most significant experiences. In your written statement please describe how each experience will contribute to your vocational and career goals.

Information Sessions

Interested applicants are highly encouraged to attend an info session.

  • Tuesday, February 27 | 5:30 p.m. | VDA 241
  • Tuesday, March 13 | 12:15 p.m. | VDA 190
  • Wednesday, March 14 | 3:15 p.m. | UNH 3320
  • Wednesday, March 21 | 5:30 p.m. | VDA 241
  • Thursday, March 22 | 12:15 p.m. | ECC 1857



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