Student Employment

Over 3500 students are employed in the Student Employment Program at LMU. Will you be one of them?

Through participation in the Student Employment Program, LMU students contribute their time and talents to the Westchester and on-campus communities while gaining valuable work experience. In addition to providing financial assistance for a student’s college education, student employment offers professional and social skill development, practical knowledge and experience, and a connection to the University. Research shows that students who work moderate hours (10-20 hours a week) learn to manage their time better which can lead to improved academic performance. 

Whether you are an undergraduate student or a graduate student, looking for an on-campus job or an off-campus position, student employment can help you identify employment opportunities. 

Work Study

Work study is the largest source of part-time employment for students at LMU. It is awarded to students based upon financial need and is jointly funded by the Federal Government and the University. A student may earn up to the amount allocated in his/her Financial Aid award letter. Opportunities for employment are either on-campus or at designated off-campus non-profit organizations. 

On-Campus Work Study 
Many departments throughout the University hire students to assist with their daily operations. These positions include working in the Recreation Center, for a Professor, for the Mail Center and for the various Administrative Offices. 

Off-Campus Work Study 
Under the LMU Partners and Lions for Learning programs, LMU contracts with over 50 community based non-profit organizations and schools to hire students who have been awarded work study. The Lions for Learning Program connects students with local schools to tutor elementary school children in literacy and math. The LMU Partners Program allows students to gain experience in a variety of fields in the non-profit sector. 

Additional Employment Opportunities

Various University departments fund on-campus part-time positions using grants and monies from their operating budget. These jobs do not require financial need as a qualification for eligibility. Student Employment Services also works with employers off-campus to bring employment opportunities to students in a variety of fields. 

How to Find a Job

All available part-time job opportunities may be found on LionJobs. In addition, the Student Employment Services Director meets with students to assist them in finding an on-campus job; she can be reached at, or, 310.338.7606. Likewise, the Student Employment Services Job Locator and Developer works with students to help them find part-time and seasonal employment off-campus; he can be contacted at, or, 310.338.5935. 

Student Employment Services also hosts two job fairs each year.  Every August, over 50 on-campus departments and off-campus employers participate in this fair. In the Spring semester, the Job Locator and Developer coordinates a job fair for off-campus part-time/seasonal employers. 

Training Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to learn valuable work habits, skills and leadership qualities in the workplace. To further enhance their professional development at work, Student Employment Services offers two annual conferences each year. Students reflect on and learn to improve skill sets, establish connections between their student employment experience and career plans, and understand their role and value as a student employee at LMU.  Additional workshops and trainings are offered throughout the year to both students and student supervisors.

SES Resources

To access forms and other Student Employment Services resources go to the Student Employment link under Quick Links in MYLMU.

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