Big Interview

Big Interview gives students on-demand access to interview practice and a library of pre-recorded interview questions categorized by industry, competency, and circumstance to refine your in-person and virtual interviewing skills.

Information for students

Information for faculty

Big Interview can help you:

  • Learn important interview tips and tricks by accessing recorded video lessons in the "Fast Track" curriculum
  • Identify and prepare for challenges by using "Interview Playbooks" focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion for individuals with disabilities, who are neurodiverse, who belong to the LGBTQ+ community, and more
  • Practice your interview responses by recording them, saving them, and continuing the interview to completion to polish up your interviewing skills



Big Interview is the world's leading job interview training system and is used by over 500 universities, workforce agencies, and libraries. Big Interview's proprietary system trains job candidates to be more prepared and confident on job interviews through the use of a unique system of training materials and practice tools. Visit to get started.

Need help?

Visit Big Interview Support for help using Big Interview. Visit LMU Service Desk for assistance with your LMU account or computer.