Information for Faculty and Staff

Need help preparing your students for interviewing?

CPD is proud to offer Big Interview, a solution for faculty interested in adding assignments on interview preparation and practice into their curriculum. Please review the details on the assignment below and then follow the steps provided to integrate this assignment into your courses.

Big Interview Curriculum Coursework

The CPD Big Interview curriculum involves approximately 3 total hours of student coursework.

Adjust the coursework as necessary to fit your students' needs.

Student Learning Objectives

By completing this assignment, students will be able to: 

  • Articulate the most frequently used interview questions across most disciplines and roles 
  • Utilize popular technology and elements that impact virtual interviews: webcams, audio, lighting, backgrounds, attire, etc. 
  • Identify their own interviewing strengths and areas for potential improvement through review and reflection 
  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully navigate virtual interviews, which according to a 2021 study by LinkedIn, 81% of employers plan on using as part of their recruitment process 

Faculty and Staff Instructions

These instructions are for faculty and staff and explain how to incorporate Big Interview into your syllabus. 

  1. Decide how Big Interview can best work for you and your students. Faculty can choose how to integrate Big Interview into their course or program. Most choose to copy and paste the instructions and links below into their Brightspace course syllabus. 
  2. Choose the CPD Practice Interviews that work best for you. 
  3. Copy, modify, and paste the coursework instructions and links into the syllabus. 
  4. Assign the coursework. 
  5. Instruct students on how you want them to confirm coursework completion. Most choose to have students upload screenshots to Brightspace of their Big Interview Fast Track Curriculum completion certificate and CPD Practice Interview self-review page showing the recording times and self-review ratings. 
  6. Grade the assignment. If the student shared the Big Interview assignment review request link, you have the option of reviewing the recorded interview answers using predefined criteria. 

Student Instructions

Copy and paste the following instructions into your syllabus. Modify as needed. 

  1. Login to using your MyLMU account
  2. Complete the Big Interview Fast Track Curriculum (approximately 2 hours) 
  3. Complete a CPD Practice Interview (approximately 1 hour) 
    • Choose a specific company you want to work at and even a specific role or department at that company. The practice interview will ask you questions where you will need to be able to refer to the company and role you choose.
    • Visit one of the following links to start the interview 
    • Record and save your answers 
    • Submit the completed interview 
    • Self-Review your recorded answers 
    • Screenshot your completed interview showing recording times and self-review scores (see example screenshot here)
    • Upload the screenshot to the Brightspace assignments folder
    • Communicate with your instructor on follow-up steps

Need help?

Visit Big Interview Support for help using Big Interview. Visit LMU Service Desk for assistance with your LMU account or computer.