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VMock SMART Resume Platform

VMock, a 24-7 online resume-review tool, leverages technologies like data science, machine learning, and natural language processing to provide instant personalized feedback on your resume based on criteria gathered from employers and global best practices – from anywhere, at any time of the day.

Submit your resume to get started

VMock allows you to:

  • Upload your resume to receive instant personalized feedback based on employer criteria and global best practices
  • Utilize Network Feedback for more tailored and personalized suggestions from your network of friends, peers, and mentors
  • Access VMock blog to read insightful posts about different phases of an individual's career preparation journey and professional interest


Get Detailed Feedback

Once your resume is uploaded, VMock provides:

  • An aggregate resume score to assess the strength of your resume benchmarked against your own LMU peer group
  • Resume guidelines based on your school template to ensure that you do not miss the fine details and establish a great first impression
  • Feedback on how well you have marketed your core competencies to showcase the right skill set reflected in academics, experience, achievements, etc.
  • Line-by-line suggestions to improve your resume content in view of your course and level of experience

How to Use VMock

  1. Visit https://lmu.edu/vmock
  2. Click "Continue with University ID" and log in using your MyLMU credentials
  3. Click the "Sign Up" button
  4. Complete your profile by submitting the following:
    • Your status as a student (undergraduate or graduate)
    • The industry you are most interested in
  5. Upload your resume in PDF format and receive scores based on impact, presentation, and competency
  6. Click “Get Started Now” to make changes and re-upload your resume for updated feedback
  7. Once your resume has a score of at least 75, upload it to Handshake in order to apply for internships and job opportunities

Additional Information

  • Once you have uploaded your resume to the VMock system and applied the suggested feedback, you may receive further assistance by attending a resume review session with a career coach.
  • You have 10 opportunities total to upload your resume while attending LMU; we advise that you reserve some of the uploads for further revisions after meeting with a coach and/or potential changes to your career trajectory throughout your time at LMU.
  • Do your best to avoid fixating on the overall benchmark scores; resumes are subjective and a score of at least 75% means you are well on your way to a great resume.

Need help?

Email VMock Support for help using VMock. Visit LMU Service Desk for assistance with your LMU account or computer.