SOE EdConnect

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 | 6-8 p.m.| Roski Dining, University Hall

Engage with esteemed alumni from LMU’s School of Education who are eager to connect and have candid and intimate conversations with fellow lions about careers in education.

    • When: Wednesday, February 13, 2019; Event begins at 6 p.m.
    • Where: Roski Dining, University Hall
    • Who: Open to all graduate and undergraduate students
    • What: Hors d’oeuvres and refreshments provided
    • Cost: Free to students and alumni

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    Accomplished alumni, CPD career coaches, and students like you who are interested to hear from successful professionals in education.


    • Establish connections with new and seasoned education professionals
    • Explore trends in education
    • Learn about career paths of SOE alumni


    Business professional attire is recommended for this event. No blue jeans!


  • Know who’s in the room

    • Review the list of alumni located inside your folder and strategize who you would like to meet.
    • Set a goal (“I want to gain information about career opportunities that I can pursue with a degree in Higher Education Administration.” or “I plan to speak with five alumni to grow my network as I apply for jobs or seek career advancement opportunities)
    • Start circulating by walking up to an alum to introduce yourself
    • Leave your top alum as your last conversation as you strengthen your networking skills

    Deliver your pitch

    • Be confident as you walk up to introduce yourself by your first and last name
    • Lead with a firm handshake, eye contact and smile followed by “nice to meet you”
    • Share your class year, major and objective “I am graduating in May with Master of Arts in Counseling. My professional experiences including teaching at a local high school and community counseling. I am seeking high school counselor positions and would be interested in learning more about your career path.”
    • Build rapport through questions and commonalities “You mentioned that you majored in Elementary Education at LMU. What fieldwork placement sites did you work at while attending LMU?”

    Listen more than you speak

    • Engage in a conversation and allow for give and take. Ask questions and be curious.
    • Recognize who is in your conversation circle, extend a handshake and introduction to all
    • Create space for others to join the conversation and ask questions
    • Listen intently to remember key points from your conversation to include when you follow-up
    • Take notes throughout the evening for future reflection and follow-up

    Ask questions

    • What did you do during your time at LMU that prepared you for your career?
    • What recommendations do you have for gaining experience or knowledge of your industry?
    • Can you describe the culture at (company name)?
    • What types of skills are needed for someone to be successful in your role?
    • May I follow-up with you after tonight to discuss your position and company?
    • Which industry publications do you read? Who are the industry influencers you follow? Which professional affiliations or groups do you belong to?

    Move along to build another connection or two

    • Ask if you can follow-up with questions or to potentially meet for an informational interview
    • Thank the alum for his/her time and advice before excusing yourself
    • Move on to the next alum speak working your way up to your ideal alumni conversation
    • Recognize that the staff, faculty and students in the room are also part of your network
    • Ask for a business card so you can follow up after the event

    Take the next step

    • Follow-up 24-48 hours after the event by email or LinkedIn (ask the alum for his/her preference)
    • Include a highlight from your conversation to remind the alum of who you are
    • Build a relationship by requesting an informational interview 

    Schedule an appointment with a CPD Career Coach via Handshake to gain support on next steps (i.e. updating your LinkedIn profile, practicing interviewing or crafting follow-up communication)

Host Committee

Erin Barisano, Ed.D. ’17
Catholic Superintendent of Schools
Diocese of Orange

Michael Cersosimo, Ed.D. ’11 
Acting Director, Center for Undergraduate Teacher Preparation 

Ernesto Colin, Ph.D. ’99, ’01  
Associate Professor, Urban Education 

Christian De Larkin, Ed.D. ’06, ’08, ’13
John Bosco High School

Randell Erving ’07
Director of Student Support Services
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy

Michael Farber, Ed.D. ’10 
Director of Mathematics 
Alliance College-Ready Public Schools

Tom Johnstone, Ed.D. ’84 
Retired Superintendent 
Wiseburn Unified School District

Carin Laue, Psy.D. ’12 
Acorn Family Guidance Center

Kadar Lewis, Ed.D. ’16
Board Member
The Gifted Education Foundation

Stephen McCray, Ed.D. '13
Director of Instructional Support Services
Para Los Niños

Danitza Pantoja, Psy.D. ’98, ’01
Coordinator of Psychological Services
Antelope Valley Union High School District

Erin Rossello, Psy.D. ’12 
Acorn Family Guidance Center

Cherae Stovall ’16 
A-G Diploma Program PSA Counselor 
Adjunct Professor 

Irma Vazquez ’90, ’95, ’99
My Escuelita: Spanish for Kids 
Bilingual Fieldwork Supervisor and Professor 

Mariela Vidaurrazaga ’07 
Green Dot
Part-time Faculty


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