VOCARE: A Retreat for Sophomores and Transfers

VOCARÉ: A Retreat for Sophomores and Transfers

Find your calling at VOCARÉ

The word “vocaré” is derived from Latin, meaning “to call.”

We are back in-person for a Homecoming in honor of our 15th VOCARÉ.

In partnership with McNair, First to Go, Ignacio Student Support Services and the Academic Community of Excellence, VOCARÉ is a unique opportunity for LMU students to reflect on where they have been, who they are, and where they are going. This one-day, career discernment-focused program provides a reflective experience where participants can share, learn, and connect with LMU faculty, staff, alumni, and administrators. All sophomore and transfer students are welcome. 


  • When: Saturday, March 11, 2023 | 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  • Where: William H. Hannon Library, Von der Ahe Family Suite, Level 3
  • Cost: Free – Funded by Career and Professional Development
  • RSVP: Reserve your spot in Handshake in mid-February  


  • A chance for you to explore…

    • significant experiences in the classroom and beyond
    • the values, relationships, social issues, and interests that are important to you
    • your sense of purpose or vocation and where you are going with your life

    A chance for you to meaningfully connect with…

    • like-minded students
    • supportive faculty, staff and administrators 
    • accomplished young alumni

    A chance for you to learn about…

    • the paths to vocational discernment and academic/career planning
    • post-graduate options and opportunties 
    • possible career and professional paths 

    A chance to take away…

    • insights into your values, interests, and goals
    • a stronger sense of purpose
    • a foundation of knowledge and resources for future vocational and career exploration


  • The VOCARÉ Retreat is not the only opportunity for students to explore these topics. CPD staff are eager to help all students reflect on their values, interests and skills; discern their vocations and explore career options. If you would like to meet with a staff member, please log in to Handshake, click on the "Appointments" tab then “Schedule a New Appointment.”

  • Cynthia Orduna, '19 | Participant and Leader

    "As a transfer student, VOCARÉ was one of the first events that made me feel part of the LMU community. I found it to be an amazing learning experience both as a participant and as a leader." 

    ~ Cynthia Orduna, '19
    Major: Studio Arts with an emphasis in Multimedia

    “Initially I wanted to be a leader to ensure that VOCARÉ participants had an amazing experience like I did. I was not expecting to be so positively impacted by the retreat for a second time! Being a senior, I received beneficial and timely career advice and insights.”

    ~ Jermaine Johnson, '19
    Major: Marketing with Journalism & African-American Studies minors

    Jermaine Johnson, '19 | Participant and Leader



Contact Marcy Newman at marcy.newman@lmu.edu