VOCARE: A Retreat for Students & Alumni

Find your calling at VOCARÉ

What is your calling?

The word “vocaré” is derived from Latin, meaning “to call.” Take the space and time to explore your calling. 

In partnership with McNair, First to Go, Ignacio Student Support Services, and the Academic Community of Excellence, VOCARÉ is a unique opportunity for LMU students and alumni to reflect on where they have been, who they are, and where they are going. This one-day, career discernment-focused program provides a reflective experience where participants can share, learn, and connect with LMU faculty, staff, alumni, and employers.

Whether you are exploring employment or graduate school after LMU, take the time to hear real-life advice from a variety of perspectives. Whether you are clear on what you want to pursue professionally or still figuring out your next steps, this program is for you. 

  • A chance for you to explore…

    • significant experiences in the classroom and beyond
    • the values, relationships, social issues, and interests that are important to you
    • your sense of purpose or vocation and where you are going with your life

    A chance for you to meaningfully connect with…

    • like-minded individuals exploring their next steps 
    • supportive faculty, staff, alumni employers, and administrators 
    • accomplished young alumni

    A chance for you to learn about…

    • the paths to vocational discernment and academic/career planning
    • post-graduate options and opportunties 
    • possible academic and professional paths 

    A chance to take away…

    • insights into your values, interests, and goals
    • a stronger sense of purpose
    • a foundation of knowledge and resources for future vocational and career exploration


  • The VOCARÉ Retreat is not the only opportunity for students to explore these topics. CPD staff are eager to help all students reflect on their values, interests and skills; discern their vocations and explore career options. If you would like to meet with a staff member, please log in to Handshake, click on the "Appointments" tab then “Schedule a New Appointment.”

  • Cynthia Orduna, '19 | Participant and Leader

    "As a transfer student, VOCARÉ was one of the first events that made me feel part of the LMU community. I found it to be an amazing learning experience both as a participant and as a leader." 

    ~ Cynthia Orduna, '19
    Major: Studio Arts with an emphasis in Multimedia

    “Initially I wanted to be a leader to ensure that VOCARÉ participants had an amazing experience like I did. I was not expecting to be so positively impacted by the retreat for a second time! Being a senior, I received beneficial and timely career advice and insights.”

    ~ Jermaine Johnson, '19
    Major: Marketing with Journalism & African-American Studies minors

    Jermaine Johnson, '19 | Participant and Leader



Contact Chris Caughman at christopher.caughman@lmu.edu