LIBA Internship Courses

Many fields of study within LMU's schools and colleges include a for-credit internship as part of the academic curriculum. Students should consult their academic advisors to determine what internship course best fits with their academic plans. If available, students are highly encouraged to enroll in a for-credit internship course through their academic department, school, or college.

Students who are not able to enroll in an academic course through their school or college, but who still wish to attach their internship to a class, can do so by enrolling in a 0- to 1-credit LIBA course offered through Career and Professional Development. Students enrolled in a LIBA course must complete a minimum of 60 internship hours during the course of the semester in which they are enrolled.


  1. Secure an internship;
  2. Enroll in an internship course;
    • Enroll in a course through your academic program;
    • If no course in your major department is available, enroll in a CPD LIBA course (listed below)
    • Enroll in courses via Prowl by the registration deadline;
    • If enrolling after the deadline, complete the Office of the Registrar's Late Add Petition Form (PDF) in hard copy and seek approval from the course instructor via signature
  3. Await instruction from your internship course instructor; and
  4. Complete a "Request Experience" form on Handshake

CPD LIBA Courses 

To learn which LIBA courses are being offered currently and in the future, please consult the Schedule of Classes updated by the Office of the Registrar.

Registration: CPD internship courses are currently available for registration via PROWL.  CPD LIBA courses will no longer accept new students after the below listed university registration deadlines: 

Summer Session I May 24th
Summer Session II July 8th

One-Unit Course Options

LIBA 2051/3051 provides resources and support during a semester internship. Students will establish professional goals, and receive direct CPD coaching to maximize growth and the overall internship experience through decision-making, creating a mentor/training relationship with their supervisor, networking with alumni and employers, and evaluating future employment opportunities firsthand. Tuition and Fees

LIBA 2051: 1-Credit Course (First Year and Sophomores)
Available Summer Session I
CRN: 10778
Course Instructor: Gregory James


LIBA 3051: 1-Credit Course (Juniors and Seniors)
Available Summer Session I
CRN: 10780
Course Instructor: Dr. Hannah Bateman

Zero-Unit Course Option

LIBA 3000 guides students through a semester internship, providing professional tips and support in maximizing a student's experience. Students will develop goals for the internship, a job or internship strategy for after the semester, and reflect on the overall experience to confirm or explore their new career pathway. It is encouraged that students take the LIBA 2050 course prior to LIBA 3000 for internship and workplace readiness. There is no cost associated with this 0-unit course.

LIBA 3000: 0-Credit Course
Available Summer Sessions I & II*
CRN: 10779 (summer session I) and CRN: 20588 (summer session II)

Course Instructor: Erica J. Privott

*Students completing an 8-12 week internship must register for both LIBA 3000 summer session I and II courses.

Summer Housing

  • LMU Housing requires that students wishing to secure on-campus summer housing be enrolled in a course;
  • LIBA and other internship courses fulfill this requirement, so if a summer intern is taking no other classes, that intern must at least be enrolled in a LIBA or other internship course if they want to stay in on-campus housing;
  • LMU Housing utilizes course enrollment (not the Handshake Experience Form) to verify if a student is eligible for Summer Housing


Please contact Career and Professional Development via email or by phone at 310.338.2871.