Internship Tips

  • You may find more opportunity with small and mid-size firms that do not use internships as a tool for testing out full-time hires for after graduation. While you should not exclude larger companies, do not forget about the smaller entities.
  • Consider the U.S. Employment landscape to determine industries or companies that operate in a space with high demand for workers. For example, currently there is a high demand (not enough qualified candidates) in the technology/IT sector.
  • The more specialized skills you possess the more attractive you will be to potential employers. Consider any opportunity to enhance your technical, academic, or “niche” skills.
  • If applicable, leverage your skills in your native language or other languages you may know – particularly those in high demand. You may wish to target industries, companies, and positions that require fluency in a particular language. In addition, research companies and identify if there is a strong presence in a country where you speak the language. Even if it is not a direct requirement of a particular position it can often help you stand out from other candidates.