Request an Experience Form

All students are encouraged to formalize their internships using the Requesting An Experience Form (Online Internship Agreement Form), and many internship course instructors require this.

  • The Requesting An Experience Form is only used to verify – for your course instructor – that you are fulfilling the requirements of the instructor
  • The Requesting An Experience Form does not serve to enroll you in a course of any kind, and is not necessary to apply for Summer Housing

Beginning September 2017, the Online Internship Agreement has moved to Handshake.

  1. If seeking course credit, be sure to enroll in your internship course prior to beginning the Requesting An Experience Form;
  2. Log-on to Handshake 
  3. On the top right of the home page, under “Career Center” select “Experience”
  4. On the Experiences page, select “Request An Experience”
  5. Thoroughly complete the Experience form, ensuring all required fields are completed. It is important to be as accurate as possible.
  6. In the “Learning Objective” section, make sure to include at least 3 Learning Objectives (each learning objective has 3 questions) to proceed. New Learning Objectives can be added by selecting “Add Learning Objective.”
  7. Continue on your form by selecting “Next Page.” Fill out the “Additional Internship Information”, including all your course details.
  8. Then, select “Next”, read the “Internship Expectations”, and confirm agreement by signing your name. Complete the form by selecting “Request Experience”.

At the end of the term you will be asked to complete an evaluation form, and your supervisor will complete an evaluation. Evaluations will be e-mailed directly to you and your employer.

The creation and completion of the documentation process is the student’s responsibility. Students should be aware of any course deadlines when returning completed paperwork for for-credit internships.


Please contact Career and Professional Development at