Meet the Student Staff

CPD Students standing in line in front of Palm Trees

Peer Advisors and Graduate Assistants are your first point of contact with Career and Professional Development. Meet with us early and often!

Visit from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. (PST) to meet with a Peer Advisor or Graduate Assistant and get help on your resume, cover letter, job search strategy, and more. All drop-ins are 15 minutes long and are held on Zoom Web Conferencing or in-person at VDA 135. You can access Zoom Web Conferencing via a web browser or download the application to a smart device. Learn how to create your Zoom Web Conferencing account. No appointment necessary. 

Drop-ins for the spring 2023 semester will end on Friday, May 5 and resume in the fall. 

Graduate Assistants

CPD Graduate Assistant

Camille Chambers

Class Year: 2024
Program: Writing and Producing for Television
Hometown: San Antonio, TX

CPD Graduate Assistant

George Collins

Class Year: 2023
Program: Writing and Producing for MFA
Hometown: Chantilly, Virginia



Hitarth Shah

Class Year: 2023
Program: Computer Science
Hometown: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

CPD Graduate Assistant

Jennifer Young

Class Year: 2023
Program: School Counseling
Hometown: Azusa, CA


Peer Advisors‌

CPD Graduate Assistant

Aryaman Ahuja

Class Year: 2025
Program: Economics and Marketing
Hometown: Mumbai, India

CPD Graduate Assistant
Anastasia Akimkina

Class Year: 2024
Major: Environmental Studies and Modern Languages
Hometown: Limassol, Cyprus


CPD Peer Advisor Emery Markey

Emery Markey

Class Year: 2025
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Los Gatos, CA


CPD Peer Advisor Hannah Samsom

Hannah Samson

Class Year: 2024
Major: Screenwriting and Film Production
Hometown: Kansas City, MO


CPD Peer Advisor Margaux Bastian
Margaux Bastian

Class Year: 2023
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Glendale, CA


CPD Graduate Assistant Marisa Barrett

Marisa Barrett

Class Year: 2024
Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: Los Altos, CA

CPD Peer Advisor 23-24

Michael Ford

Class Year: 2024
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Danville, CA


Monika Platek Peer Advisor 23-24

Monika Platek

Class Year: 2024
Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: Marin County, CA

Ryne Umemoto Peer Advisor -23

Ryne Umemoto

Class Year: 2025
Major: Finance
Hometown: Honolulu, HI

Data Entry Specialist

CPD Data Entry

Ileana Martinez

Class Year: 2026
Major: Economics
Hometown: Miami, FL

Pre-Law Special Projects Peer Advisor

 Pre-Law Special Projects Peer Advisor

Christopher Dean Jimenez

Class Year: 2023
Major: Political Science (Economics Minor)
Hometown: San Mateo, CA