On-Campus Interviewing

Loyola Marymount University students and alumni are industry leaders in Southern California and beyond. Our candidates bring a strong academic preparedness to their chosen field, in addition to a sound understanding of workplace ethics. Through participating in On-Campus Recruiting (OCR), employers meet students, recent graduates, and alumni poised to contribute to the success of their organization.

OCR complements an organization’s recruitment efforts by providing a convenient space, easy scheduling, and general support for recruiters wishing to hold initial screening interviews with students. Full-time positions are generally focused on – and marketed to – graduating seniors, while internship opportunities usually seek candidates who are sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

We offer convenient scheduling of interview dates, private interviewing facilities, and effective on-campus publicity for your company.

  • Fall Registration: June 1 (open until booked)
  • Fall Interviews: September – November
  • Spring Registration: December 1 (open until booked)
  • Spring Interviews: January - April

To Register

  • To register for an OCR in Handshake, follow these steps:

    1. Sign in to Handshake or create an account through the Employer Registration process.
    2. For more information about posting jobs and internships, see Post a Job or Internship.
    3. To schedule interviews, click the “On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)” tab.
    4. Under “Schedules”, click “Request a Schedule.”
    5. Enter the details of your OCR scheduling requests and click “Submit.”

    Company information, job descriptions, resume submissions and interview schedules are all managed on-line through Handshake. Reservations should be made as early as possible. There is no charge for this program. For more information and to reserve an interview date, please contact our CPD staff at 310.338.2871.

    Employers are encouraged to attend the Career Expo in both the fall and spring to meet candidates in an informal setting.

  • To locate on-campus interview postings, visit Handshake.