Summer Internship Funding

Career and Professional Development is excited to offer grant awards for students pursuing unpaid or underpaid internships beginning in the summer of 2024. Internships must start no earlier than May 13, 2024 and end no later than August 23, 2024. The maximum award amount is $2,500. 

Summer Internship Funding Applications Open March 1st - April 15th


If demand exceeds available funds, priority will be given based on class year (i.e., juniors would have priority, then sophomores, then first-years).

LMU students who face disruptions when searching for and securing an internship due to COVID-19 are encouraged to utilize the following language when approaching potential internship employers. The language can be used in networking conversations with alumni and employers, as well as via phone or video interviews. 

Notifying prospective employers of the funding program may also be helpful, especially for employers who do not have formal internship programs or for companies who do not have sufficient funding to fully financially support their interns during the summer.

“As a Loyola Marymount University student, I am eligible to apply for Summer Internship Funding to help offset the cost of my living expenses when my internship is unpaid or underpaid.

If I am selected as an intern with your organization, I am also prepared to work remotely, and doing so would not affect my eligibility to receive this funding. I hope you'll consider this as you review my materials.”

Information Sessions: Spring 2024

Summer Internship Funding Program - Session 1

  • Date: Wednesday, March 6
  • Time: 4:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. 
  • Location: Zoom

Register Here

Summer Internship Funding Program - Session 2

  • Monday, March 11
  • 12:00 p.m. - 12:30 p.m.
  • Location: VDA 190

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      • Below are the eligibility requirements for the Summer Internship Funding Grant. If you do not meet ALL of the criteria below, please visit the section titled Additional Funding Opportunities below. 

        • Students are eligible to receive one internship grant award during their LMU career.
        • Undergraduate first-years, sophomores, juniors, seniors graduating in December 2024, and graduating seniors enrolled in LMU graduate programs starting fall 2024 are eligible to apply. Graduate students are not eligible at this time.
        • These funds are available to all undergraduate students including international, DACA, and undocumented students. 
        • Minimum of 240 hours must be spent in the internship spanning at least 8 weeks and during summer 2024. Internships must start no earlier than May 13, 2024 and end no later than August 23, 2024. 
        • Students must enroll in CPD Academic Internship Course, and follow guidelines and deadlines set by the University Registrar and CPD.
        • Internships cannot be completed in, nor can they require travel through countries with level 2, 3 or 4 State Department Travel Advisories. To petition an exception, students must email Career and Professional Development ( at least four weeks prior to the priority deadline to receive special approval to complete an internship in a country with a travel warning.
        • Students completing internships or research on-campus or where the employer would be Loyola Marymount University are not eligible for funding, and should inquire with Student Employment Services about student employment.


      • Step 1 - Secure an Internship

        • Secure an internship (must meet the criteria described above). Students are encouraged to schedule coaching sessions with CPD well before the deadline to increase the likelihood of securing an internship.
        • Request a confirmation letter or email from your internship site with the following information:
          • addressed to the intern and includes the site supervisor’s name and title; 
          • brief description of the intern’s role/responsibilities (bullet points are sufficient);
          • confirmation of the expected time commitment, including:
            • length of internship (start to end date)
            • weekly schedule (i.e. Mon-Wed, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.)
            • total number of weeks
            • total number of hours per week
          • whether it is paid (and how much per hour) or unpaid
          • must appear on the employer’s letterhead or be sent directly from the site supervisor’s work email

        Step 2- Confirm eligibility

        Step 3- Application Materials

        Applicants are strongly advised to prepare materials completely prior to proceeding to application submission. The are 5 documents outlined below that will need to be uploaded within the application. Applicants will be asked for a personal statement in no more than 250 words max that explains the internship’s direct connection to vocational and career goals. The application has a space for the addition of the personal statement.

        These forms are available here for you to review and complete.

        How-to instructions for completing the form The MOU Grant Award and Liability Form require signatures. Digital signatures are acceptable if you are unable to print, sign, and scan. Visit the Acrobat Adobe website** for more information on how to sign a form electronically.

          Step 4– Complete Online Application

          Step 5– Notification Timeline

          After submitting the application, you will be notified via email between Monday, April 22 - Monday, May 6th whether you received funding, and if so, the amount. The award will be made via direct deposit approximately four weeks after the application deadline.

          All Summer Internship Funding awardees are required to attend one of the Internship Orientation Sessions listed in the MOU. Students RSVP through Handshake after receiving notification of their award.

          At the beginning of the fall semester, all Summer Internship Funding recipients are required to attend a post-experience reflection session on Wednesday, August 7th or Thursday, August 8th from 4 – 5:30 p.m. PST to share their experience with peers, campus, and community partners.

        • If you are selected for an award you are expected to do the following:

          • Pay back the full grant award amount if I do not complete the internship as described in my application, and/or if I fail to fulfill any of the required activities as described below.
          • Complete the internship as described in my grant award application, meeting the required minimum 240 hours over a minimum of 8 weeks during interim.
          • Attend an Internship Orientation. Available dates and times below. Please RSVP through Handshake to receive Zoom login instructions.
          • Enroll* in an Academic Internship Course  for zero (no fee) or one unit (fee associated).  Courses available are: ICLA 2100, ICSE 2100, ICBA 2100, ICFA 2100, ISOE 2100, IFTV 2100 and IFTV 6100. 
          • Complete an experience form and evaluation about my internship, which will be sent by CPD through Handshake near the end of the term, and includes a mid-summer evaluation for the employer to complete.
          • Add this internship experience to my Handshake profile, tagging the employer, and make my profile public and searchable for LMU students. The experience will include my title, term, company, tasks and accomplishments, and location.
          • Attend post experience reflection session to share experience with peers, campus and community partners.

          *Enrolling in an Academic Internship Course (0 or 1 unit) satisfies internship credit requirements for employers, provides a guided experiential education learning journey, and supports any circumstances where the internship may end abruptly (i.e. impact of COVID-19).

        • BCLA Academic Conference/Research Grant

          The BCLA Dean’s Office has funds to support undergraduate student participation in academic conferences and/or faculty-supervised research projects. Students can be reimburse for up to $500 for research or travel-related expenses.

          Deadline: Applications are approved on a rolling basis

          CBA's Center for International Education Business Grant

          LMU Center for International Business Education supports students by providing resources and funding in the form of stipends for unpaid or underpaid internationally-related internships.

          Here are some resources you can explore. Contact the company or agency directly to apply to their internship program, then apply here for CIBE funding.

          National and International Fellowships

          The Office of National & International Fellowships (ONIF) assists LMU students and alumni interested in pursuing external fellowships that support their academic and career goals. Many fellowships require candidates to apply through their university or alma mater, which in turn sponsors the candidate. ONIF facilitates this sponsorship.

          Through ONIF, students can learn about fellowship opportunities available through governments, private donors, foundations, civic organizations, and corporations. We also offer strategic planning and advice for submitting a competitive application package.

          Deadline: Visit ONIF's Fellowship Listings for a list of opportunities and deadlines

          Summer in Action Grant

          The Pam Rector Center for Service and Action is excited to launch their new Summer Advocacy Fellowship. Participants are eligible for a grant up to $2,000 for interning with a local social justice organization during the summer. The grant will help pay travel, lodging, meals, and a living stipend. Students are expected to develop a project or campaign that relates to the issues learned during the internship. Apply here.

          Funding Outside of LMU

          Visit the Santa Monica Public Library. As an affiliate of the Foundation Center, the Santa Monica Public Library maintains a core collection of directories of grants and foundations and provides access to Foundation Directory Online Professional, the Foundation Center electronic grantseekers’ database. Foundation Center Online Professional is available only in the Main Library. Current editions of the grants and foundations directories are available in the Reference Collection of the Main Library.


        • Application & Eligibility | Funding | Securing an Internship & CPD Services | Tax Information | General Questions


          What is required to submit an application?

          The application packet must include the Internship Site Confirmation Letter, resume, MOU Grant Award, Liability Form, and Direct Deposit Form.

          Can I apply if I have not secured an internship and a confirmation letter or email by the application deadline?

          No, unfortunately we are not able to accept incomplete applications. You are encouraged to begin your internship search as early as possible and to request the confirmation letter or email at least a week or two before it is needed.

          What kinds of opportunities will be considered for funding? My experience isn’t exactly an internship.

          We will look at your application in full, and particularly your written statement where you describe how this experience will benefit your future career planning. In most cases, if the experience will help you explore your vocational and career interests and develop professional skills, and meet the other criteria; we are likely to accept it as appropriate.

          We will not consider an on-campus internship or research experience. 

          Does my internship need to fulfill both the minimum hour requirement of at least 240 hours and duration requirement of at least 8 weeks in the summer?

          Yes. However, there is some flexibility in how you meet these requirements. For example, it might make sense to combine two different, but related experiences to meet the minimum requirements.

          Am I eligible to receive the Internship Grant Award every year?

          No. A student is only eligible to receive the award once during their academic career at LMU.

          What criteria will the selection committee be using when determining which applications to select for a grant award?

          Applications will only be considered if they meet all of the requirements described on the website. The goal is to be able to support all applicants that meet the requirements and demonstrate a direct connection to vocational and career goals.

          Am I required to register for an academic internship for my experience?

          Yes, you will choose from a course within your department or any of the CPD internship courses. All award recipients will complete an experience form in Handshake under the “Summer Internship Funding” template.

          What if I cannot attend one of the required Orientation Sessions?

          All recipients are required to attend one of the orientation sessions. If you are abroad or have a special situation that will prevent you from attending you will need to explain your situation when you accept your award.


          If I receive an award, how much funding can I expect?

          The maximum award is $2,500, but depending on the number of qualified applicants, it is likely that students will receive a percentage of their request.

          Can I apply for an internship grant award to support a fall or spring semester internship?

          At this time we are only able to offer funding for summer internships due to the available funding.

          When will I be notified if I am chosen for the award?

          You will be notified approximately three weeks after the close of application deadline.

          If I am awarded funding, when will I receive payment?

          Those that are awarded funding and submit the required forms as requested will receive the award via direct deposit approximately four weeks after the deadline.


          Is CPD available to help me find an internship?

          Yes, if you are seeking possible internship opportunities visit the CPD office and work with a Peer Advisor to learn about strategies for your search. You may also log-in to Handshake to schedule an appointment with a coach and begin searching for opportunities. Please refer to other CPD website resources for support in finding an internship.

          Can I combine work at multiple sites?

          Yes. Most recipients intern at one site, sometimes two, although in special circumstances it might make sense to combine more than two experiences. For example, a student could have a more traditional primary internship experience, but also include a part-time volunteer role or incorporate rotational shadowing as a secondary experience.

          Please include a confirmation letter or email from each site for the two most significant experiences. In your written statement please describe how each experience will contribute to your vocational and career goals.

          Is it a good idea to have my application or written statement reviewed by someone in CPD before I submit it?

          Following all of the instructions is the best way to ensure a successful application. CPD is always interested in helping you explore and pursue your career interests, and Peer Advisors are also always available for an initial review of your application materials.


          All Students:

          Why did I receive a 1099 form (domestic) or 1042-S form (international)?

          Awards that are not considered a scholarship or fellowship that are given without stipulation as to how it must be used may be taxable to the individual but are not considered wages even if the student is employed by the University. For US citizens and resident alien students, these payments are reported by LMU at year end on a Form 1099-MISC if they exceed $600. For non-resident alien students, 14 - 30% is withheld (rate unless a treaty exemption is available), and payments are reported by LMU on Form 1042-S for all payments.

          International Students:

          My home country has a tax treaty with the U.S., how will that effect my award amount?

          Nonresident aliens (non U.S. Citizens), including international student workers, may be subject to additional tax rules depending on circumstances and treaty status and benefits. Where applicable, taxable income will be reported on Form 1042-S and may be subject to 14 - 30% withholding. If this is the case, Career and Professional Development will “gross up” the value of the award, so that the net payment is the desired prize or award amount. For example, a student receives an award valued at $100. The student will incur payroll tax withholding on the value of $100. The exact amount will depend on the student’s treaty status and benefits. For this example, assume a 25% withholding rate and that $25 will be withheld from the Student’s award. CPD would like to pay the $25 tax related to the award, the value of the award is “grossed up” to $133.33. The student will receive a net value of $100 after tax ($133.33 x 25% = $33.33 tax; $133.33 – $33.33 = $100.00). CPD will be charged the additional $33.33.

          I received an e-mail from instructing me to log in to Glacier. What is Glacier? Why have I been asked to complete a Glacier record?

          All students who work on campus and/or receive scholarships or assistantships must be entered into the Glacier Online Tax Compliance System. International students and scholars will receive an e-mail from containing a password and instructions on how to access the GLACIER Online Tax Compliance System. GLACIER is accessible via the Internet from any web-accessed computer from anywhere in the world. Once you receive your password and instructions, you must complete the information in GLACIER immediately. Upon completion of GLACIER registration, all international students must submit the Tax Summary Report and W-4 to:

          Amy Winger
          Loyola Marymount University
          1 LMU Drive, Suite 4900
          Los Angeles, CA 90045
          Telephone: (310) 338-5911

          I’ve completed Glacier. What documents should I send?

          In addition to the Tax Summary Report, please include the “Required Forms and Document Copies” listed on the bottom section of the Tax Summary Report. Make sure that all forms are signed and dated and that every required document copy is included. Copies must be clear black and white without a gray background. Incomplete or illegible paperwork will not be accepted, and will require resubmission of all Glacier paperwork.


          What if I have any additional questions about the application process?

          Please contact Thuy Le at


        Contact Thuy Le at