Academic Internship Courses

Many fields of study within LMU's schools and colleges include a for-credit internship as part of the academic curriculum. Students should consult their academic advisors to determine what internship course best fits with their academic plans. Students are highly encouraged to enroll in a for-credit internship course through their academic department, school, or college.  Students enrolled in a 0-1 course must complete a minimum of 60 internship hours during the course of the semester in which they are enrolled.

Academic Internship Courses

To learn which internship courses are being offered currently and in the future, please consult the Schedule of Classes updated by the Office of the Registrar.

Registration: Academic internship courses are currently available for registration via PROWL.  CPD follows the university registration deadlines and policies, however will no longer accept new students after the below listed deadlines:            

Fall 2019 August 30th
Spring 2020 January 17th
Summer Session I May 22nd
Summer Session II July 6th

Tuition and Fees

  • Where Do I Begin?

    Are you seeking an internship opportunity? 

    Check out multiple job boards - like Handshake and LinkedIn, attend the Career Expo and connect with recruiters, as well as reaching out to your alumni and professional networks with your industry interests.  Visit the CPD website for additional, industry-specific job boards. Drop-in to meet with a Peer Advisor, or book an appointment today with your career coach to learn more and strategize.

    Do you already have an internship?

    Congratulations!  If it is a for-credit internsihp, enroll in an academic internship course to receive academic credit.  If it is a not-for-credit internship, you should register the opportunity in Handshake as a "General Experience" for the semester.

  • How do I register for internship courses?
    1. ENROLL in an internship course;
      • Speak with your academic advisor to confirm which academic internship course is best for your experience
      • Log in to PROWL to Enroll in a course through your academic program witin the registration deadline
        • If enrolling after the deadline, fully complete the Office of the Registrar's Late Add Petition Form (PDF) in hard copy and seek approval from the course instructor via signature
    2. REQUEST an Experience form on Handshake
      • Log in to > Handshake > Career Center > Experiences > Request An Experience
      • Select correct template and term for academic course
      • Approvers
        • Course Instructor: CPD Assistant Director facilitating class instruction

        • Academic Mentor: Designated by college Dean to support students in building (1) academic-based learning objective

        • Internship Supervisor: Full-time staff at internship site who will supervise student throughout the experience, and support students in building 1-2 industry/skill-based learning objectives
    3. SUBMIT an Internship Credit form if employer requires verification of your ability to earn academic credit/enrollment in a course. The Internship Credit form is availabe on the Registrar's website, where a confirmation of student's enrollment status and course will be issued on university letterhead.
    4. WAIT for further instruction from your Course Instructor at the beginning of the semester.
    • What courses are available for academic internship credit?

      Courses offered through CPD - FALL 2019

      NameCRNCourse InstructorAcademic Mentor
      IBCLA 2100 - BCLA Internships  44862 Elizabeth Connolly Elizabeth Connolly
      ICBA 2100 - CBA Internships 44864 Angelina Lee Angelina Lee
      ICFA 2100 - CFA Internships 44863 Marcy Newman Elaine Walker
      ICSE 2100 - FSCSE Internships 45049 Gregory James TBD 
      IFTV 2100 - SFTV Internships 45047  Elena Muslar TBD 
      ISOE 2100 - SOE Internships 45048 Hannah Bateman TBD 

      Course Instructor: CPD Assistant Director facilitating class instruction

      Academic Mentor: Designated by college Dean to support students in building (1) academic-based learning objective

    • Additional LMU academic internship courses

      CMST 3820  Communication Practicum
      HHSC 495/497  Allied Health Internship
      CLAR 4280  Greek Film Festival Internship
      POLS 3800  Political Internship
      IDAP 380  Public Relations Internship

      Log in to PROWL to see a full list of academic internship courses, offering 0-4 units.


    • How do I report my internship that is not part of an academic course?

      Login to Handshake, select "Career Center" and "Experiences."  Choose to "Request An Experience", the "General Experience" template, and complete the form with all information about your internship and supervisor.

      Creating this form adds the experience to your Handshake profile for recruiters and peers to view.  Your supervisor will receive an approval email for the experience directly from Handshake.  

    • Summer housing

      LMU Housing requires that students wishing to secure on-campus summer housing be enrolled in a course.  Academic internship courses fulfill this requirement, therefore a student must at least be enrolled in an academic internship course to stay in campus housing, with a confirmed internship experience.

    • FAQs

      Where can I find internship opportunities?

      Handshake, Indeed, LinkedIn, or personal network are just a few ways to identify potential internship opportunities.   Plan to attend CPD fall or spring Expo, and networking events to connect with alumni.  Drop in to CPD to chat with a Peer Advisor, or book and appointment with a career coach to strategize and apply.

      How do I know if I have a quality internship?

      Internship structures and roles differ, however, students should seek an internship:

      • which is related to their long-term career goals
      • which develops industry and professional skills
      • which is compliant with DOL Standards
      • which is not located in a home-based business
      • which does not offer 100% of work done virtually with little to no supervision
      • which offers orientation or training prior to the start date and throughout the experience
      • which provides frequent and direct, 1:1 supervision 
      • which does not require cold-calling or petition gathering (unless a political or campaign office)
      • which is not supervised by a family member of classmate
      • which does not require student to pay a fee to the company to participate in the experience
      • which is not commission-based or telemarketing 

      Do I need to earn academic credit in order to do an internship?

      No. Some employers require a student's enrollment in an internship course in order to hire as an intern. However, this is not a legal or LMU requirement.

      If I do not have an internship, can I enroll in an academic internship course?

      It is encouraged that the internship is secured before enrolling in an academic internship course, as the experience should be concurrent with the course, and assignments begin the first week of school.  Begin the internship search in the previous semester, to avoid running against the university's registration deadlines.  Drop in to CPD to speak with a Peer Advisor or book an appoitnment with a career coach for internship search resources.

      How do I register for an academic internship course?

      All course registrations are done via PROWL, and should be completed within the univeristy registration deadline.

      If you the registratration deadline to add a course has passed, a Late Add Petition must be completed to add the course.  Also available on the Registrar's website.

      Which academic internship course should I choose, and when should I enroll?

      Consult with your academic advisor. All students have the option of enrolling in a 0-4 unit, credit or no-credit academic internship course, which are offered most semesters. Consult PROWL to find out which courses are being offered and when, and take note of how many units the course offers.  Enroll within the university deadlines, listed on the academic calendar.

      What happened to the LIBA internship courses in CPD?

      The CPD-led LIBA internship courses ended summer 2019, and were replaced with academic internship courses within each college at LMU.  The new academic internship courses are available in PROWL, offering 0-1 units for credit/no-credit:

      ICBA 2100 CBA Internships
      ICFA 2100 CFA Internships
      ICLA 2100 BCLA Internships
      ICSE 2100 FSCSE Internships
      IFTV 2100 SFTV Internships
      ISOE 2100 SOE Internships

      How do I select one (1) unit for a 0-1 unit course?

      Login to PROWL.  While in registration mode, enroll into the course of your choosing.  Once enrolled, select the "Schedule & Options" tab, highlight the "Hours" field, and edit to the desired unit (0 or 1). 

      What if I need more than one unit?

      Consult with your academic advisor to identify the best solution or course to satisfy your academic requirements.

      Can I enroll in more than one academic internship course at a time?

      No.  You can only enroll and earn credit for (1) internship, in (1) course at a time, during a single semester.  Consult with your academic advisor to select which course is best for your internship and academic program needs.

      Does the CPD academic internship course meet weekly?  And will I receive a grade?

      No.  The CPD academic courses are virtual, with all assignments managed in the BrightSpace course and via Handshake.  Students will receive credit or no-credit for completing all assignments during the semester.

      How will I know if I completed all requirements for a CPD academic internship course?

      Students enrolled in a CPD academic internship course must complete 60 internship hours, a Handshake Experience form and all assignments outlined in the course syllabus for credit or no-credit.

      If my internship is outside of my major, can I enroll in a different colleges academic internship course?

      It is best to enroll in the college academic internship course where your major/program resides (i.e. biochemistry major will enroll in ICSE 2100 FSCSE Internships).  If you are a double-major, consult with your academic advisor to identify which academic internship course is best for the experience.

      My internship supervisor wants proof that I am enrolled in an academic internship course. How can I provide this?

      To provide an internship supervisor with proof of course enrollment, fill out the Internship Credit Confirmation Form.

      How can I expect to be compensated for my internship?

      Compensation for internships is at the discretion of the employer, but generally internships are unpaid-for-academic-credit, paid via an hourly wage, or paid via a stipend. Unpaid and stipend-paid internships must meet the Department of Labor Guidelines for unpaid internships.


    Please contact Erica J. Privott in the office of Career and Professional Development via email or by phone at 310.338.2871.