Arts+Entertainment Career Week

Students playing musical instruments

February 6-9, 2023

Arts+Entertainment Career Week is an opportunity for students to connect with alumni and professionals in the arts and entertainment industries. Students can explore potential career pathways, gain new skills, expand their network, and hear from alumni in fields such as design, performance, film, television, public relations, and more.


  • Ask Us Anything: Pathways in PR 

    Monday, February 6, 2023

    3:00-4:00 PM | Zoom

    Have you been curious about the field of PR and what it means to work within a PR team? Do you want to learn more about how to launch a career in PR?

    Attend this Ask Us Anything panel event with PR professionals and LMU alumni to learn more about your career options in the field of public relations. Moderator Alissa Zito Cruz, LMU Public Relations faculty member and Executive Director of Step Up, will cover everything with the talented team of panelists from PR internships, what to expect, networking best practices, PR agency options, and more.

    This event is geared towards those curious about pursuing a career in public relations and for CMPR minors who are curious about their career options. This is the first event as part of CPD’s Arts & Entertainment Week, February 6 – 9, 2023.



    Workshop: Create an Online Portfolio with Wix

    Tuesday, February 7, 2023 

    3:00-4:00 PM | St. Roberts Auditorium

    Have you thought about creating a professional online presence? A place where you can showcase your best creative work and tell your story. But... you're not quite sure where or how to start?

    In this 60-minute workshop, we'll share why a professional presence matters in today's world of work, how to build your website in 30 minutes using our templates and drag-and-drop platform, and best practices to share it with employers, your network, and potential clients. This workshop is part of CPD’s Arts & Entertainment Week and geared towards artists wanting to build a portfolio for their art medium including but not limited to graphic design, visual art, dance, theatre, film and television production, animation, and screenwriting.

    Workshop Facilitator:


    1-on-1 Portfolio Review with Wix & Career Coaches 

    Tuesday, February 7, 2023

    4:30-5:30 PM | St. Roberts Auditorium

    Do you have a personal website or digital portfolio? Are you seeking advice on how to optimize your website or better demonstrate your artwork?

    Sign up for a 10-minute portfolio review with Wix’s Academic Partnerships Manager, Sabba Quidwai, CPD’s Assistant Director, Creative Professions, Mandy Brockhaus ’16, or SFTV’s Director of Industry Relations, Lex McNaughton for personalized feedback. These 1-on-1 appointments with industry professionals are meant to support you on your website design, branding, and purpose.

    Registration is limited to the first 18 students. Appointments will open on Handshake at 12pm on Monday, January 9, 2023.


    • Sabba Quidwai, Academic Partnerships Manager at Wix
    • Mandy Brockhaus ‘16, Assistant Director, Creative Professions at LMU’s Career and Professional Development
    • Lex McNaughton, Director of Industry Relations, LMU’s School of Film & Television


    Ask Us Anything: Representation in the Arts

    Wednesday, February 8, 2023

    3:00-4:00 pm | Zoom

    Does the world of managers and agents in the entertainment industry intimidate or confuse you? Have you ever wondered how to get the attention of a manager or agent? Do you need guidance on where to start when it comes to gaining representation? Join CPD for this Ask Us Anything panel discussion with managers and agents who represent screenwriters, comedians, directors, actors, and dancers in Los Angeles and New York City.

    This panel will give you a framework toward gaining representation and what you can be doing now to work towards this goal.



    Alumni Networking Mixer

    Thursday, February 9, 2023

    7:00-9:30pm | Roski’s Dining Hall

    Join LMU alumni and your fellow students for this networking mixer! Participants will be exposed to over 50 alumni working in the arts and entertainment industry including roles in communications, screenwriting, public relations, producing, arts administration, and performing. Come expand your professional network and meet some of LMU’s talented alumni as you engage in conversation about bridging the professional gap between graduation and meaningful employment in the arts and entertainment industry. Some companies being represented are Walt Disney Studios, DreamWorks Animation, Center Theatre Group, Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, The Autry Museum, and many more.



    Event Resources:

    Practice your networking skills at this CPD-hosted workshop before attending the Alumni Networking Mixer!

    Maximize Your Networking with CPD & LGBTSS

    Wednesday, January 25, 2023

    3:00-5:00pm | The Hill, Malone (4th Floor)

  • Who will be there?

    Accomplished alumni, CPD career coaches, and proactive students - just like you.

    Why should I attend?

    • Connect with alumni working in arts and entertainment industries
    • Identify new professional avenues that leverage your passion
    • Gain clarity about next steps for launching your creative career
    • Practice informational interview skills with understanding alumni
    • Mix and mingle with other students now so you can have strong working relationships in the future

    How should I dress?

    Business professional attire is recommended for this event.

  • Know who’s in the room

    • Review the list of alumni and strategize who you would like to connect with
    • Set a goal (“I want to gain information about career opportunities that come with a degree from CFA or SFTV” or “I plan to speak with four alumni to grow my network as I apply for internships”)

    Deliver your pitch

    • Be confident as you introduce yourself by first and last name
    • Lead with a smile followed by “nice to meet you”
    • Share your class year, major, and objective (“My goal is to work on the business side for a dance studio”)
    • Build rapport through questions and commonalities (“I see that you were a screenwriting major. I’m a screenwriting major. What student projects did you work on at LMU?”)

    Listen more than you speak

    • Engage in a conversation and allow for give and take. Ask questions and be curious.
    • Recognize who is in your conversation circle and create space for others to join the conversation and ask questions
    • Listen intently to remember key points from your conversation to include when you follow-up
    • Take notes throughout the event for future reflection and follow-up

    Ask questions

    • What did you do during your time at LMU that prepared you for your career?
    • What recommendations do you have for gaining experience or knowledge of your industry?
    • Can you describe the culture at (company name)?
    • What types of skills are needed for someone to be successful in your role?
    • May I follow-up with you after today to discuss your position and company?
    • Which industry publications do you read? Who are the industry influencers you follow? Which professional affiliations or groups do you belong to?

    Move along to build another connection or two

    • Ask if you can follow-up with questions or potentially meet for a virtual informational interview
    • Thank the alum for his/her time and advice before excusing yourself
    • Recognize that the staff, faculty and students in the room are also part of your network

    Take the next step

    • Follow-up 24-48 hours after the event by email or LinkedIn (ask the alumni’s preference)
    • Include a highlight from your conversation to remind the alum of who you are
    • Build a relationship by requesting a virtual informational interview with alum
    • Schedule an appointment with a CPD Career Coach via Handshake to gain support on next steps (i.e. updating your LinkedIn profile, practicing interviewing or crafting follow-up communication)


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