Application and FAQs

Application and FAQs

The Career Treks program brings students into the workplaces of alumni and friends in order to expose them to potential career paths and broaden their understanding of industries. The program leverages LMU’s well-positioned and successful alumni who are excited to share their insights and personal career stories with students. Participants engage with LMU graduates around specific interests through targeted learning, conversation, and informal networking.

Student Feedback

Career Treks: New York City - LMU students explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park

“I came with the intention to have a different outlook or shift in the direction of what career field to go in and did receive clarity on my future plans”

“This was exactly what I needed. It was a positive personal and professional experience. So many of my uncertainties were silenced. I am better because of this experience.” 

“I loved being exposed to different aspects of the industry but more importantly connecting with young alumni” 

“I have made some amazing friends from both sides of my career interests. I’m also super motivated to stumble across opportunities and find my way”