About Us


Career and Professional Development (CPD) provides resources and experiences to help students leverage their Jesuit education to achieve their full potential. CPD’s programs, staff, and resources help students:

  • Identify their values, interests, and skills
  • Understand how their skills relate to professional life
  • Explore a wide range of careers that reflect their values, interests, and skills
  • Develop and pursue a career plan for life after college


CPD empowers students to achieve life-long career success by committing to the following:

  • First-class career and professional development experiences tailored to LMU students and alumni from six colleges and schools (Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, College of Business Administration, College of Communication and Fine Arts, School of Education, School of Film and Television, Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering).
  • High quality individual and group career coaching with trained staff and student advisors.
  • Confidentiality throughout all of our services.
  • Strategic partnerships with faculty, staff, administration, employers, alumni, parents, and prospective families to maximize opportunities for students and alumni.
  • Equal access to internships, fellowships, and job opportunities for all students and alumni.
  • The encouragement of learning; the education of the whole person; and the service of faith and the promotion of justice.


Awareness: Students, faculty, staff, administration, employers, alumni, parents, and prospective families are aware of and understand the value of CPD programs, staff, and resources.

Engagement: CPD provides scalable ways for all LMU constituents to interact meaningfully with CPD programs, staff, and resources. Collaboration and partnership with each of LMU’s schools and colleges creates opportunities for constituents to engage meaningfully with CPD programs.

Reputation: CPD programs, staff, and resources are seen positively by LMU constituents, creating a cultural change on campus where all constituents are likely to recommend CPD engagement to others.

Destination: All LMU constituents are aware of the destination of graduates, and are able to make informed decisions based upon verified data. Desired institutional outcomes can be correlated with particular points of student engagement.