Career and Professional Development at LMU seeks to provide alumni with the support and resources to best leverage their academic experiences and maximize their professional potential. CPD also bridges alumni with current students seeking career guidance and exposure, and connects alumni with one another in support of a global network of Lions in the workforce.

  • Attend a CPD event to connect with students and to share your career and vocational journey. Students report that networking with and learning from alumni is a deeply valuable and meaningful experience. Additional option to serve as a “pop-up” speaker by giving a 2-minute talk about your life in business.

    Career Treks

    The goal of LMU Career Treks is to bring students into the workplaces of alumni in order to expose them to potential careers and broaden their understanding of various industries and occupations, depending on their interest and major. This event leverages Loyola Marymount University’s well positioned and successful alumni and friends in various locations who are excited to share their insight and personal career paths with students.

    VOCARÉ Retreat 

    VOCARÉ is a unique opportunity for LMU sophomores and transfer students to step away from campus to reflect on where they have been, who they are, and where they are going within a supportive community of fellow students, staff, faculty, and alumni. It is fun, completely free, and includes the following components:

    • Short talks from student leaders, staff, and faculty
    • Small group conversation facilitated by student leaders
    • Young alumni panel and lunch conversation
    • Time to strengthen connections with other students and reflect upon their life

    BCLA Career Chats

    Bellarmine College of Liberal Art’s annual Career Chats includes quick networking sessions between dozens of LMU alumni and over 100 undergraduates that help students explore a variety of industry areas and opportunities to break into professional fields.

    Alumni from such industries as Social Services, Non-profits, Politics and Government, Professional Writing, Hospitality, Global and International Affairs, Sales, and Arts, Culture and Entertainment will share their stories with undergraduate students. LMU’s students are eager to start their own professional development and look forward to support from their alumni network.

    CBA Career Discovery

    CBA Career Discovery is an opportunity for students to meet with LMU alumni to learn about the variety of exciting opportunities available with a business degree, while expanding their network.

    CFA Career Connections

    CFA Career Connections is an opportunity for students to network with esteemed alumni from the College of Communication and Fine Arts to learn about the many ways you can forge a career with your CFA degree. Alumni working in theatre, dance, music, arts administration, graphic design and communication will share their stories of perseverance, resilience, and authenticity.

    Pathways in Entertainment

    SFTV Pathways is an opportunity for students to meet with esteemed alumni from the School of Film and Television in a conversation about bridging the professional gap between graduation and meaningful employment in the entertainment industry.

    Seaver Connect

    Seaver Connect is an opportunity for current students to hear from and connect with alumni in their fields of interest, exploring potential career pathways, while expanding their network.

    SOE EdConnect

    SOE EdConnect is an opportunity for students to engage with esteemed alumni from the School of Education to connect and have candid and intimate conversations with about careers in education.

  • On-Campus Recruiting

    Visit campus in the fall or spring to host a brand-awareness session about your company or hold in-person interviews for an internship or job with your organization.

    Post a Job, Internship or Micro-Internship

    Advertise an internship or job at no-charge on Handshake, LMU’s career database where current students and young alumni can view the posting and apply directly. Have a short-term work project or assignment? Students and alumni can apply to Micro-Internships through our partnership with Parker Dewey. Visit our website to learn more, create a free account, and post your project at no-charge.


    For more information on scheduling a program or creating a posting, please contact Career and Professional Development at 310.338.2871 or 

  • LMU alumni are leading the way! Loyola Marymount’s Strategic Plan embraces the need to expand and advance Career and Professional Development. The priority for CPD is to increase efforts to assist students and alumni throughout and beyond their LMU experience and support successful transitions to postgraduate life with advancement to midcareer professional positions. Our vision includes: additional, innovative program development; practical work experiences focusing on internships, mentoring and experiential education opportunities; and a physical and technological environment of excellence.

    Conversations are welcome with those individuals and organizations who wish to further explore giving opportunities within and beyond those appearing on our website.

    Make a Difference Today! 

  • The Pride

    Join and explore The Pride, LMU’s platform for connecting with alumni for mentorship and career guidance. This platform is exclusive to the LMU community, and you can search for alumni based on industry, affinity, areas in which you need help, shared involvement in campus organizations, and more.

    LMU Alumni Association Official Group on LinkedIn

    Use the LinkedIn LMU alumni network to identify alumni in your industry area of interest.

    View Career and Professional Development’s Informational Interviews page for tips on contacting alumni via LinkedIn.

    Alumni Association

    Become an LMU Ambassador. The Alumni Ambassador programs empower alumni to serve as volunteers amongst the affinity groups they feel the most connected to.

    Attend LMU-Hosted Recruitment, Networking, and Professional Development Events


  • Job Search


    • 80% of jobs are never advertised or posted publicly! Network with alumni and professionals in your field of interest to access this “hidden job market”. Use our informational interview page for tips on navigating this process.
    • Attend LMU-Hosted Recruitment, Networking, and Professional Development Events
    • LinkedIn is an excellent tool for research and networking. Visit LinkedIn for Students for resources on making the most of the platform.
    • Create an account on The Pride, a mentorship and networking platform to connect with LMU students, alumni, faculty, and staff

    Interview Prep

    • Visit our Interview Prep page for an overview of the interview process, helpful tips, and sample questions
  • The resources below provide a variety of perspectives on this topic. Please note that this is a nuanced process and that no single source is completely accurate for every situation.

  • The resources below provide a variety of perspectives on this topic. Please note that this is a nuanced process and that no single source is completely accurate for every situation.

  • Career and Professional Development serves a diverse range…however, senior-level alumni may be best served finding and consulting with a professional Executive Coach. The resources below provide guidance on this topic. Please note that executive coaching is a very personal service and everyone’s needs are different. We encourage you to do thorough research before hiring a coach.

    What is Executive Coaching?

    Executive coaching is aimed at improving the performance of high-powered executives within an organization. The role of the coach is to expose blind spots and challenge the executive to achieve greater levels of success.

    To understand the benefits of Executive Coaching visit

    Tips for Finding and Maximizing Your Relationship with an Executive Coach

    Resources for Finding an Executive Coach

    LinkedIn ProFinder – Executive Coach

    Noomi: The Professional Coach Directory