Seaver Connect

Group of student discussing Seaver career paths with Alumni

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 | 7 - 9 p.m. | Roski Dining, University Hall

Join esteemed alumni from the Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering, Dean Tina Choe, and fellow students to learn about the many ways you can forge a career with your Seaver degree. Seaver Connect is an opportunity for current students to hear from and connect with alumni in their fields of interest, exploring potential career pathways, while expanding their network. This event will include intimate, industry networking sessions that help students explore a variety of career focus areas and opportunities to break into professional fields.

    • Where: Roski Dining, University Hall
    • When: Tuesday, October 16, 2018; Event begins at 7pm
    • Who: Open to all class levels
    • What: Hors d’oeuvres and refreshments provided
    • Cost: Free to students and alumni

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    Accomplished alumni, CPD career coaches, and students like you who are interested to hear from successful professionals in all areas of science and engineering.


    • Meet and connect with LMU alumni working in engineering, computer science, health and human sciences, and more.
    • Discover the career paths that Seaver students have taken after graduating from LMU
    • Practice informational interviewing and hear advice from helpful LMU alumni
    • Expand your network and meet other students in the Seaver College of Science and Engineering


    Business professional attire is recommended for this event. No blue jeans!

  • Know who’s in the room

    • Review the list of alumni located inside your folder and strategize who you would like to meet
    • Set a goal (“I want to gain information about career opportunities that come with a degree from Seaver” or “I plan to speak with four alumni to grow my network as I apply for internships”)
    • Start circulating by walking up to an alum to introduce yourself
    • Leave your top alum as your last conversation as you strengthen your networking skills

    Deliver your pitch

    • Be confident as you walk up to an alum and introduce yourself by first and last name
    • Lead with a firm handshake, eye contact and smile followed by “nice to meet you”
    • Share your class year, major and objective (“My goal is to work in the healthcare industry, with an interest in research, physical therapy and nutrition.”)
    • Build rapport through questions and commonalities (“I see that you were an Electrical Engineer major. I’m a Electrical Engineer major. What student projects did you work on at LMU?”)

    Listen more than you speak

    • Engage in a conversation and allow for give and take. Ask questions and be curious.
    • Recognize who is in your conversation circle, extend a handshake and introduction to all
    • Create space for others to join the conversation and ask questions
    • Listen intently to remember key points from your conversation to include when you follow-up
    • Take notes throughout the evening for future reflection and follow-up

    Ask questions

    • What did you do during your time at LMU that prepared you for your career?
    • What recommendations do you have for gaining experience or knowledge of your industry?
    • Can you describe the culture at (company name)?
    • What types of skills are needed for someone to be successful in your role?
    • May I follow-up with you after tonight to discuss your position and company?
    • Which industry publications do you read? Who are the industry influencers you follow? Which professional affiliations or groups do you belong to?

    Move along to build another connection or two

    • Ask if you can follow-up with questions or to potentially meet for an informational interview
    • Thank the alum for his/her time and advice before excusing yourself
    • Move on to the next alum speaker working your way up to your ideal alum conversation
    • Recognize that the staff, faculty and students in the room are also part of your network

    Take the next step

    • Follow-up 24-48 hours after the event by email or LinkedIn (ask the alum’s preference)
    • Include a highlight from your conversation to remind the alum of who you are
    • Build a relationship by requesting an informational interview with alum
    • Schedule an appointment with a CPD Career Coach via Handshake to gain support on next steps (i.e. updating your LinkedIn profile, practicing interviewing or crafting follow-up communication)


Alumni Host Committee

Shannon Craig ’12
Environmental Solutions Consultant
FTI Consulting

Gustavo Castillo ’17
Track Engineer
General Motors

Matthew Dolan ’13
Research & Development - MBA Intern
Disney ABC Television Group

Cameron Escovedo ’08
Clinical Informatics Fellow & Instructor, Department of Pediatrics
UCLA Health

Kyle Flynn ’10
Mechanical Systems Engineer
The Spaceship Company

Sara Gibson ’17
Value Stream Supervisor

Guy Goodman ’16
Research Scientist

Cleve Gurney ’13
DK Engineer, Corp

Kweku Larbie ’17
El Segundo Medical Center

Zakkoyya “Koyya” Lewis, Ph.D. ’13
Visiting Assistant Professor
Loyola Marymount University

Tony Marquez ’00
Manager III Systems Engineering

Jazzmin Martinez ’12
Structural & Mechanical Engineer

Courtney McCammon ’12 & ’14
Owner & Wildlife Biologist
CJ Biomonitoring

Deanna Noble ’14
Project Management Associate, Product Development

Michael Oliver ’05
Manager Productions System Engineering

Enrique Schulz ’07
MBA Candidate
San Diego State University

Ethan Smith ’11 & ’16
Development Project Manager

James Vitale ’99 & ’00
Senior Solutions Architect
LA County of Museum of Art 

Jason Whitman ’08
Owner/Physical Therapist
Positive Physical Therapy



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