Pathways in Entertainment


Thursday, February 6, 2020 | 7:00 PM | Roski Dining

Join LMU alumni and your fellow students in a conversation about bridging the professional gap between graduation and meaningful employment in the entertainment industry.

Event Overview

    • Where: Roski Dining, University Hall
    • When: Thursday, February 6, 2020; Event begins at 7pm. 
    • Who: Open to all class levels
    • What: Hors d'oeuvres and refreshments provided
    • Cost: Free to students and alumni

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  • Who will be there?

    Accomplished alumni, CPD career coaches, and students like you who are interested to hear from successful entertainment industry professionals.

    Why Should I Attend?

    • Discover the paths that entertainment industry professionals have taken while in pursuit of their careers
    • Build connections and expand your network with working LMU alumni
    • Gain confidence that you will succeed beyond graduation

    How Should I Dress?

    Business casual attire is recommended for this event.

  • Questions about their career path/training

    • How did you get into this field?
    • What has your career path been like to date? Is it representative of most people in this kind of position?
    • What kind of education/training do you have?
    • Are you a member of any professional orders or associations? Which ones do you feel are the most important to belong to?
    • What are the future prospects in this field? What trends do you see developing over the next few years?
    • If you could do things all over again, would you choose the same path for yourself?

    Questions about their current position and responsibilities

    • What does a typical day/week in your job look like?
    • What do you enjoy the most about your job? The least?
    • What skills have you found essential for success in this occupation?
    • Could you tell me about one of the main challenges you face in this position?

    Questions about working conditions

    • How many hours do you work in a typical week?
    • How much autonomy do you have in terms of what you focus on at work?
    • What kind of supervision did you have when you were starting out? Now?
    • How is your performance evaluated?
    • What kind of professional development opportunities are available?

    Additional questions

    • What advice would you have liked to have heard when you were starting out?
    • How would you recommend I “try out” this line of work (i.e. through a summer job, internship, volunteering…)?
    • What other fields or jobs would you suggest I research before making a final decision?
    Some information adapted from the Yale Office for Postdoctoral Affairs

Host Committee

Stefano Agosto ’10
Senior Manager, Drama TV Content Development

Hannah Baker ’18
Executive Assistant to the CEO
Red Hour Films

John Bashyam ’15
Creative Director
Warm & Fuzzy

Bernard Badion ’15
Showrunner’s Assistant

Dominic Bianchi ’01
Supervising Director, Family Guy
Fox/Disney TV Animation

Ellen Bittner 13

Christian Buenaventura ’05
Supervising Sound Editor
Technicolor Sound Services

Christopher Burbidge ’05
Head of Talent

Tiffany Boyle-Donnermeyer ’06
RamoLaw PC

William Carnahan ’10
Cinematographer | Producer
Will Call Cinematic, LLC.

Kate Rhamey Gierke ’12
Head of Production
KRSquared Productions

Pilar Golden ’06
Staff Writer, God Friended Me

Tasha Henderson ’15
Writer, Dating Now Web Series

Kristin Holt ’15
Executive Assistant
William Morris Endeavor

Brian Horn ’00
Cinematic Director Supervisor
Blizzard Entertainment

Chris Ingersoll ’03
Compositor, Disney's Jungle Cruise
In House VFX | FOX

Hollie Lobosky ’97
Executive Producer I Showrunner
Kate Plus Date - Figure 8 - TLC

Rod Carriollo-Lundgren ’10
Head of Development
Latin World Entertainment

Casey O’Brien ’10
Podcast/Video Producer
Maximum Fun

Amy Pellouchoud ’18
Assistant Editor
Grand Army, Netflix

Alex Ritter ’12
Staff Writer, TheMagicians

Megan Stacey ’14

Scott Stenholm ’03
Senior Producer
Disney+ |The Jim Henson Company

Matt Szymanowski ’04
Producer | Director/Writer

David Tripler ’12
Producer | Director
Room 22 Productions

Tomas Whitmore ’06
Creative Director | Content Executive
Olè Creative


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